Donors to the Belmont Walkway Restoration

The final cost of the walkway project was approximately EC$260,000 or US$100,000. This includes an amount for maintenance over the next three years

The donors that made this project possible are recognised below. “In kind” donations of products and services are denoted with an asterisk*. Those that volunteered a huge amount of their time on this project have been given “Honorary” recognition. Donations coming from the Community Foundation for St. Vincent and the Grenadines (CFSVG) have been denoted with #. The providers of funds to CFSVG have been recognised below, but it is CFSVG that has donated and approved the use of those funds on this project.

Category Name Location
Benefactor Connell, Michael (Honorary) SVG
Fischer Family Trust SVG
Grenadines Partnership Fund USA
Sanders, Neil (Honorary) SVG
Seynhaeve Family # USA
Platinum Alice Powers Trust # USA
Gold Brewer, Charles and Cornelia SVG
Herbert, Tony and Mary UK
Lanier, Ray and Rose Marie # USA
Marriot, Harry and Dinah UK
Sztyk, Peter Canada
Windward Island Plantation SVG
Silver Anonymous (x3) Various
Baldwin, M UK
Bequia Tourism Association SVG
Carib Coastal SVG
Domina, Sandy USA
Evans, Heather; Pace, Emmett SVG
Fabregas, Christina SVG
Fig Tree* SVG
Gingerbread SVG
Green Boley SVG
Grenadine-Escape Ltd UK
Holtz, Brad and Lynn # US
Ins & Outs* Barbados
Kennedy, Caroline UK
Kingsville Apartments SVG
Knights Trading* SVG
Leigh, Janet and Peter UK
Mac's Pizzeria SVG
McLachlan, Ian and Barbara SVG
Mirounga SVG
Mitchell, Louise SVG
Multigraphics SVG
Ollivierre, Shavern (Honorary) SVG
Outhouse Graphics* SVG
Robertson, Charlotte and Jim SVG
Simmons, Judy SVG
Sommerville, Sean and Judith UK
Sugar Apple Inn SVG
Tancredi, Peter # US
Tropical Hideaway SVG
Van de Walker, Peter and Judy US
Village Apartments SVG
Yost, Mike and Sally US
Bronze Aird, Forbes and Kate SVG
Andrews, Stewart and Gill UK
Bequia Dive Adventures SVG
Anonymous Various
Broom, Paul and Cathy UK
Bryant, Gary Canada
Chaffer, Martin and Greta UK
Charlotte and Bernard SVG
Cozier Ollivierre, Lucille; Ollivierre, Milton SVG
Crowley, Mike and Barb SVG
Crutchley, Mike and Edwina UK
Davis, Joshua and Melissa US
Delich, William and Rebecca US
Duval, Ron and Ursula France
Elzer, Bill and Shirley us
Emery, Chris and Carol US
Fixman II (Robin Smith) SVG
Greg, Steve* SVG
Hunter, Ron and Steve US
Ide, Derke UK
Knevelbaard, Erik; van Bladel, Femke Netherlands
Lander, Carlos US
Lea, Doug and Julie SVG
Lukey, Brenda SVG
MacDonald, John and Sandra Canada
Mayer, Pablo SVG
Moonhole Friends SVG
Nichol, John and Sandra UK
Nickelson, Morris SVG
Norman, Wendy UK
Norrby, Rob and Karen US
Paradise Primary Schools SVG
Richardson, Carol Canada
Robinson, Bruce and Elizabeth Canada
Rooth, Carol and Robert USA
Scott-Tapia, Eduardo and Sandra Canada
Seidel, Beatrice Germany
Sifton, Donna and Glen Canada
Snell, Jim and Karen US
Sorenson, Jim US
Terry Sailboat Silk Pyjamas SVG
van Bladel, Hazel and Leo SVG
Witts, Roger UK
Young, Neville and Kim UK
Friends of Bequia Anonymous (x2) Various
Coombs, Steve SVG
Fordham, Peter Canada
Kydd, Winnifred SVG

Donor Levels Explained

One Off Donations

Friend of Bequia:
EC $ up to 99
EC $ 100-499
EC $ 500-2,499
EC $ 2,500-9,999
EC $ 10,000-26,999
EC $ 27,000 and over
US $ up to 37
US $ 40-185
US $ 186-925
US $ 926-3,699
US $ 3,700-9,999
US $ 10,000 and over

Monthly Donations

EC $ 10-39
EC $ 40-199
EC $ 200-799
EC $ 800-2,249
EC $ 2,250 and over
US $ 4-15
US $ 16-74
US $ 75-299
US $ 300-824
US $ 825 and over

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