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Phase One - The Bequia Bins Programme

Below is a picture of the first bin pair deployed to launch the Bequia Bins Programme in October 2016. There are now approximately one hundred of these sixty-gallon bins strategically positioned in pairs around the island where people gather and stroll. The Green Bins are used for collection of plastic and metal drink containers and the Blue Bins for other small items (general litter). This Bin programme has been successful not just enabling the recycling of tens of thousands of containers but also in reducing litter in the community.

We still welcome sponsors for these bins and you could be recognised on the bins themselves! Sponsorship costs US$125 per bin or US$250 for a bin pair.

Click here to sponsor your bin(s). Bequia Bins is one of the donation choices.

Bequia Bins

Bequia District Council Officer Rannier Gregg and Bequia Tourism Association’s Sayie Ollivierre at the “Ceremony” for the first of Bequia Bins Installation October 27, 2016.

The drink containers collected in the Green Bins are sorted and washed then forwarded to All Island Recycling (AIR Inc.) on St Vincent. All imports into SVG of plastic and metal drink containers pay a $0.50EC (yes, $0.50EC) levy that is recoverable if proof of recycling is established. Our efforts can therefore be rewarded and economic sustainability achieved. At this time, all items collected in the Blue Bins go to a landfill site.

In Phase 1.5 we are adding glass bottles to the recycling effort. They do not attract the same incentive because they are not subject to the $0.50EC recoverable levy. However, we are collaborating with a local block builder to use the glass in the block building process. We are in the process of importing a glass crusher to enable this. It will be functional by October 2017.

Phase 2 proper will involve (possibly) a wider collection span (households and businesses) and the recycling of things like paper/cardboard/ tyres and even maybe derelict vehicles.

Phase 2 will go forward only when we have the confidence of financial viability and sustainability.

The team behind the recycling concept was the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), CFSVG (Community Foundation for St Vincent and the Grenadines) and the CWSA (Central Water and Sewage Authority). They were later joined by FOTE (Friends of the Environment who are the CWSA collection contractors on Bequia), Bequia’s District Council, Bequia Tourism Association, AIR Inc. (SVG based recycler). Lots of individuals, local, expats and visitors and the Prime Minister himself have also contributed to the discussion.

Expert non-stakeholders include recyclers in Barbados and Trinidad. Special thanks to Action Bequia’s own Co Ordination Committee who showed strong belief that Bequians would respond positively and to Pennie Ward who first promoted bin sponsorship.

Finally and very importantly many thanks to the organisations and individuals who provided sufficient funding for us to invest in the evolution of our plans and the execution of them in their current form.

The full list of donors are on this website but special mention must go to Grenadines Partnership Fund (GPF), the Koven family, the Seynhaeve Family and the UNDP. Together they provided the initial impetus behind the fund raising efforts.

The Recycling Programme is quite complex and presents many operational challenges. Two of Action Bequia’s Board members have been appointed to Recycling Project positions to provide the necessary management. Lucille Cozier is the Project Director and Michael Connell is in charge of the technical aspects.

Rubbish / Garbage Truck

Frequent and efficient collection will be enabled by the use of this Action Bequia truck as well as co-operation with Friends of the Environment.

Sorting Shed Plan

Plan of the Operation Headquarters and Sorting Centre at the Sandpit in the Harbour.

Action Bequia is consulting closely with local government, volunteer groups and individuals in Bequia on the location and the installation of these Bin Pairs so the locations shown in the three maps below are changing but do illustrate the original plans.

South West

South West.



North East

North East.

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