Harbour Beautification Project

The Harbour Beautification Project was Action Bequia’s second lead project and was done in 2013. It represented an ambitious plan to beautify the harbour area, make it safer for pedestrians and significantly reduce the smell from drains (the drawing below details the original plan).

Port Elizabeth Drain Improvement and Harbour Beautification Plan

The beautification and safety elements of the project were successful but maintaining a consistent flow of water down the drain and eliminating the smells has proved more difficult than expected. As always, Action Bequia stands by its lead projects and is committed to seeing this one through to satisfactory completion.

An engineering solution is being developed in close co-operation with BRAGSA (Bridges, Roads, Building and General Services Authority) and local Bequia government bodies to solve the problem (or at least to improve it considerably). It is planned to implement this improvement plan by mid 2017 - provided the necessary financing can be raised.

January 2013: The smelly and the ugly...

Port Elizabeth Open Drains Project - Progress

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June 2013: Beautiful planter over the drain

Port Elizabeth Open Drains Project - Progress

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May 2013: Drains covered, new sidewalk

Port Elizabeth Open Drains Project - Progress

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