Twelve Years of Making a Big Difference in a Small Island

Starting in 2011, Action Bequia has raised more than US$3 million from its very generous supporters. Less than 3% of your donations is spent on administration and marketing.

Our aim is to help maintain and improve Bequia as a place to live in, work and visit which helps create local jobs, employment and social cohesion.

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We focus on infrastructure and the environment, but when there is a crisis, we step in to support other community-based organisations and respond to urgent and unexpected needs. Recent examples are the 2020 COVID Pandemic and 2021 La Soufrière Volcanic Eruption.

Infrastructure (click pictures for the full story on each one)

Belmont Walkway
The Belmont Walkway

Harbour Beautification
Harbour Beautification

Belmont Coastal Trail
Princess Margaret Trail

Water for Local Homes
Water for Local Homes

Maintenance and repair of these improvements to keep them safe requires constant effort and money from Action Bequia. Your donations, which help us do this, are vital and appreciated.

The Environment (click pictures for the full story on each one)

Recycling and Litter Reduction
Recycling and Litter Reduction

Image from Our Green Grenadines video
Environmental Program (and Youth Development)

Beach Cleaning
Beach Cleaning

Coral Damage Limitation
Coral Damage Limitation


In April 2020, Action Bequia was quick to source full sets of medical PPE equipment (face shields, masks, gowns, hoods, goggles, glasses and shoes) and hundreds of temperature guns which were supplied to the SVG Ministry of Health, the Bequia Hospital, health clinics on the island, and staff at frontline businesses (such as the Revenue Office, Police Stations, Tourism Office, churches, supermarkets, etc).

La Soufrière Eruption

La Soufriere Eruption

Starting when La Soufrière erupted in April 2021, Action Bequia paid for mainland families who were housed in shelters on Bequia to have food vouchers and also meals prepared and delivered to them by volunteers. We also passed on significant funds to 'Rise Up Bequia' to help with their own relief efforts.

On the mainland itself, we funded many of the critical needs of people forced to evacuate their homes and move to shelters (such as food vouchers, toiletries, hand sanitisers, face masks, mops, brooms, cots, mattresses, sheets and gave financial support when appropriate).

Other examples of our efforts included funding the distribution of 82,000 gallons of emergency drinking water generously supplied by the Mustique Company and financing the shipment and receipt of fifteen barrels of relief supplies from Canada.

Supporting Other Organisations

Other organisations supported with funds from Action Bequia account for between US$40,000 and US$80,000 annually. This support is a combination of 'Pass Through Funds' (where donors specify the organisation they want their donations to go to) or funds awarded at Action Bequia's discretion. These have included:

  • Rise Up Bequia, our most important Volcano Relief partner.
  • Hub Collective, an essential cultural contributor on Bequia.
  • Bequia Heritage Foundation
  • NGCDI Medical Relief Fund
  • Junior Sailing Academy Bequia
  • Bequia Easter On Shore Activities
  • Bequia Easter Regatta
  • The Sunshine School for Special Needs
  • Kids on Pan
  • The Learning Centre
  • Grenadines Initiative
  • BAPA (Bequia Animal Protection)
  • Friends of Bequia Hospital
  • Bequia Performing Arts Centre
  • Various Sports Organisations
  • Hummingbird Music

Pie Chart Showing Action Bequia Expenditure

Pie Chart Showing Action Bequia Expenditure

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