Eight Years of Making a Big Difference in a Small Island

In these eight years Action Bequia has raised more than EC$4 million (US$1.5 million) from its very generous supporters. Less than 2% is spent on administration. Your donations will continue to find a valuable home. Thank you.

Latest Updates

The latest CEO's Report, for 2019, has now been published: Action Bequia CEO Report 2019.

The Environmental/Recycling programme and maintaining the trails and walkways from a safety and cleanliness standpoint will continue to be our top priorities, but we will attempt to address some other issues such as the harbour drains and boats anchoring too close to shore.

Action Bequia’s Annual Fund Raising Gala is on the 22nd February, and you can see the Auction Catalogue here. There are twenty highly desirable items up for auction. Commission bids welcome... scroll to the end of the Auction Catalogue for details. Please help us by participating.

And there's also a Lavish Raffle... with nearly 40 attractive prizes. Click on the Raffle Prize listing to get details of the prizes, ticket prices and how to purchase.

Projects Financed and Managed by Action Bequia

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Belmont Walkway
Belmont Walkway Restoration 2012

Princess Margaret Trail
Princess Margaret Trail 2014/15/16

Harbour Beautification
Harbour Beautification 2013 and ongoing

Recycling and Litter
Recycling and Litter 2016 and ongoing

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