Seven Years of Making a Big Difference in a Small Island

In these seven years Action Bequia has raised more than EC$3 million (US$1.2 million) from its very generous supporters. Less than 2% is spent on administration. Your donations will continue to find a valuable home. Thank you.

Latest Updates

1. Sargassum: Action Bequia has partnered with Grenadines Initiative to submit an application for a major grant to the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA), a World Bank organisation, targeting the Sargassum problem . Only a few days were available to meet the application deadline so big thanks are due to Glen Herbert of Grenadines Initiative for his work on producing a high quality proposal so quickly. Read the full Sargassum Project Proposal here.

2. The Princess Margaret Trail rebuild has completed, with substantial improvements to the existing ‘Goat Trail’. If you're on Bequia, please take a look.

3. The latest CEO's Report, covering the whole of 2018, has now been published: Action Bequia CEO Report 2018 - Updated.

Projects Financed and Managed by Action Bequia

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Belmont Walkway
Belmont Walkway Restoration 2012

Princess Margaret Trail
Princess Margaret Trail 2014/15/16

Harbour Beautification
Harbour Beautification 2013 and ongoing

Recycling and Litter
Recycling and Litter 2016 and ongoing

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