Ten Years of Making a Big Difference in a Small Island

In these ten years Action Bequia has raised more than US$ 2 million from its very generous supporters. Less than 2% is spent on administration. Your donations will continue to help us with our Green Agenda which concentrates on Recycling, Environmental Education and Infrastructure Improvements. Our aim is to help maintain Bequia as a place to live in, work and visit which will help create jobs and social cohesion. We are also quick to respond to national needs - hence the current focus on Volcano Relief and Covid Vaccination hesitancy.

Volcano Relief

Since the evacuation order issued on 8th April 2021 due to Soufriere's unexpected eruption, Action Bequia, starting just a day later, has been helping with the critical needs of people forced to evacuate their homes and move to shelters. To optimise the impact of our efforts, we have selected a number of partners on the mainland that we felt were best placed to spot where the needs are greatest and may have been overlooked by other charities. Things like a quick reaction to requests for meals for returning students and people in small and almost forgotten shelters. And of course, food vouchers, toiletries, hand sanitisers, face masks, mops, brooms, cots, mattresses and sheets. All these were, and continue to be, funded by our ability to be creative and quick in our response.

On Bequia itself we have passed on significant funds to 'Rise Up Bequia' who have organised impressive on the ground efforts to help those most affected, especially those evacuees who have come to Bequia for the support they seek from family and friends here. Other examples of our efforts include funding the distribution of 82,000 gallons of emergency drinking water generously supplied by the Mustique Company and financing the shipment and receipt of fifteen barrels of relief supplies from Canada.

The devastating effects of this natural disaster will be with us for a long time. With your continued help, we will be in a good position to offer the future support needed.

Donate to SVG St Vincent La Soufriere Volcano Relief

Covid Vaccine Hesitancy

Here are two charming and informative new Action Bequia videos (written, produced and directed by John Burstein) intended to help overcome Covid Vaccine Hesitancy amongst the local population. This is a serious problem for a country (SVG) where approximately 75% of GDP comes from tourism:

1. Vincy Nation Vaccination - A dynamic two-minute music video promoting vaccinations: Vincy Nation Vaccination Video.

2. Vincy Vax Facts - Three minutes of animated information which answers many of the questions reluctant citizens of SVG may have: Vincy Vax Facts Video.

These follow on from last year's widely seen 'Our Green Grenadines' which is an important part of our schools and youth focused environmental programme. Aimed at 5 to 12-year-olds, it has been widely praised as a highly effective way of motivating young people to care for their environment, and to consider what they personally can do to make things better:

Image from Our Green Grenadines video

Ongoing Activity Managed by Action Bequia

1. Recycling, the latest updates being:

  • The addition of a second lorry and driver to provide improved seven days a week collection.
  • More bins to extend the present coverage, and ongoing maintenance of the existing ones.
  • The start of shipping used glass bottles to Trinidad for recycling into new ones.

2. Maintaining the safety and cleanliness of the Trails and Walkways we have created over the years.

3. Completion of the project to sink a substantial mooring block at each of Bequia's six dive sites, so that yachts and dive boats won't drop their own anchors and mash up the corals below (awaiting calmer waters).

4. Harbour Beautification and Trails, including:

  • The Protection of Princess Margaret beach by installing a barrier of yellow buoys to stop boats anchoring unnecessarily close in (awaiting Government approval).
  • Careful and incremental improvements to the storm drains flowing into the bay at Port Elizabeth and the daily cleaning of those drains.
  • Completion of the new Trail round the private house soon to be built across the existing right of way between Princess Margaret Beach and Lower Bay. The new owners have formalised the arrangement and will contribute generously towards the cost of construction. Note that, when fully completed, shrubs and trees are planned to make the trail visually appealing.

5. Other Projects Action Bequia has helped pay for:

  • Hospital equipment, PPE, and temperature guns for pandemic defence (US$12,000).
  • Beach clean ups and bus shelter renovation lead by the BTA (US$1,100).

6. 'Pass Through Funds' passed on by Action Bequia to other Bequia-based charitable organisations amount to over US$70,000 during the past twelve months, and include:

  • Rotary Medical Relief Fund.
  • Youth development, including Junior Sailing Academy Bequia and Bequia Youth Sailors.
  • Education, including The Sunshine School for Special Needs and The Learning Centre.
  • Food relief parcels led by Grenadines Initiative.
  • BAPA (Bequia Animal Protection).
  • Friends of Bequia Hospital.
  • Hub Collective.
  • Rise Up Bequia.

Action Bequia will continue to use your donations wisely and responsibly. And, if you want to donate to others through us, the buttons on the 'Donate Now' page provide the flexibility to choose which cause your donation goes to.

Projects Financed and Managed by Action Bequia

(Click on any picture for a wealth of historical details about each project)

Belmont Walkway
Belmont Walkway Restoration 2012

Princess Margaret Trail
Princess Margaret Trail 2014 to 2021

Harbour Beautification
Harbour Beautification 2013 and ongoing

Recycling and Litter
Recycling and Litter 2016 and ongoing

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